Selena Soo - Get Known, Get Clients

Selena Soo - Get Known, Get Clients
Selena Soo - Get Known, Get Clients | 2.73 GB

Even if You Have Very Few (or Zero) Clients,
No Influential Connections, and a Small Email List
6 Months of Training Classes
6 Online Coaching Sessions - Well start the course with an Orientation webinar, where Ill share my personal strategies to help you be successful in the course. Youll get four LIVE Q&A webinars over the course of the program, where you can get personalized coaching from me - so you can get clients and recognition in even less time, and get moving fast. Our final training module will help you and I celebrate your successes together!
12 In-Depth Training Modules - Every month, two training modules will take you through the step-by-step Get Known, Get Clients system. Youll have two weeks for implementation between each class - and lifetime access, so you can go through the course on your own schedule.
Lifetime Access - Weve designed this program so you can complete it in just 6 months. Want to go slower? Thats fine! You have lifetime access to the material, so you can pick it back up, review your favorite modules, and go through the course at your own best pace.
Proven Email Scripts, Worksheets, and Special Resources - After over thousands of hours of testing, research, and real-world experience, weve thought out every possible roadblock to taking action. Youll get over 40 resources (including word-for-word scripts, step-by-step processes, and more) so you can jump in with confidence. Students have said that the resources alone are worth the entire value of the program!

Many entrepreneurs tell me, Im willing to do whatever it takes to build a successful business. Im just not sure what steps to take! I need someone to help me and give me a road map.

In Get Known, Get Clients, youll get the step-by-step system thats helped students across the world get clients consistently - and become seen as go-to experts.

Module 1 - Discover Your Ideal Clients and Their Burning Pains + Desires (So You Can Create Offerings Theyll Invest Big In)
In Module 1, youll learn how to identify your ideal clients and target market, and how to get clear on their deepest needs. This will help you to create offerings theyll be ready to invest big in.

Module 2 - Develop Irresistible Offerings for Consistently High Monthly Income
Youll create a strong business model where youre adding tremendous value and giving your target market exactly what they want to buy from you. Ill show you how to choose which of 3 business models is right for your coaching, consulting, or service business - and how to price your valuable offerings.

Module 3 - Get Dream Clients to Say Yes! to Your Packages, Services, and Programs
Youll learn how to find prospective clients (both in person and online), and invite them into sales conversations. Youll get the mindset shifts, talking points, and psychology behind sales calls, so you feel confident and natural in these conversations - even if youre nervous or have never done it before.

Module 4 - Get Other People to Send Ideal Clients to You
In this module, youll learn exactly how to find the best referral partners, ask them to send clients to you, and make it easy for them to continue sending people your way. (Hint: With the word-for-word email and conversation scripts youll use, theyll want to recommend you.)

Module 5 - Build a Premium Brand that Gains Respect and Attracts Your Ideal Clients
When you have a strong personal brand, people will come to you and happily pay you a premium - because youre the go-to expert in your field. In this module, youll learn the 7 components of your personal brand map (including how to get endorsements that turn you into a leader).

Module 6 - Create Your Signature Talk and Book Speaking Events so Dream Clients Line Up to Work With You
Giving talks positions you as an instant leader in your industry, and its one of the best ways to get clients. Youll learn how to create an exciting signature talk from scratch, how to find and land great speaking opportunities, even how to plan and promote your own speaking event. And, how to use these opportunities to get dream clients.

Module 7 - Develop a Passionate Following of People Who Excitedly Open Your Emails
Whether you want to lead group programs, sell information products, or have a steady stream of 1:1 clients, an email list is absolutely essential. This module covers the foundational steps to building a list of highly engaged subscribers who are ready to buy from you.

Module 8 - Get Online Publicity to Boost Your Business, Brand, and Email List
Want to get featured on a major blog or podcast in your industry? In Module 8, youll learn how to effectively pitch yourself for online publicity. Youll also discover how to be strategic about these opportunities and turn one-time opportunities into 100s or 1,000s of subscribers - and potential clients.

Module 9 - Build Long-Lasting Relationships with VIPs + Influencers
How do you get VIPs to put you in front of their audience, refer ideal clients to you, or give you powerful endorsements? In Module 9, youll learn how to get on influencers radar, develop long-term, meaningful relationships with them, and ask for their help in the right way.

Module 10 - Advanced Copywriting Strategies to Launch Your Services
In Module 10, Ill walk you through exactly how to launch your services - whether youre consulting, doing a workshop, or hosting an event. You dont need a fancy 3-part video series, or to invest in an expensive sales page. You just need to follow this 6-step launch process to write great email copy.

Module 11 - Take It to the Next Level: Hire Your First Team Members to Help You Grow Your Business
Want to start delegating the tasks that drain you? Ill teach you how to bring on amazing people who are excited about your business, and will stay with you over the long-term - so you can focus on your genius zone. (Including the exact steps to building a team, plus extensive resources to help you hire, interview, and train a team member.)

Module 12 - The Entrepreneurs Success Formula: Celebrating Your Growth + Planning Next Steps
In Module 12, well celebrate your growth over the past 6 months! In this webinar, youll discover the key mindsets and strategies to set yourself up for the next level of business growth.

When you join GKGC by September 24, you also get these extra group classes.

Early Bird Bonus 1: High-End Sales Training
Get advanced strategies for selling high-end packages and overcoming objections. (If youve ever felt awkward or uncomfortable asking someone to pay big money for your services, youll want to be on this training!)

Early Bird Bonus 2: High-End Copywriting Training
Learn the essentials to writing compelling copy - including writing your about page, your offerings page, opt-in pages, captivating headlines, and more. (Because when your writing resonates with your ideal clients + inspires them to take action, thats when they invest in your services.)


Selena Soo - Get Known, Get Clients

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