Android - only Paid - Week 20 2019 - (18+)

Android - only Paid - Week 20 2019 - (18+)

Android - only Paid - Week 20 2019 - (18+) | 8.77 GB

PLEASE  keep in mind that not all apps/games work on all 
devices due to the software the device providers install.

PLEASE make sure you are using winrar 5.01 or newer.

Move APK onto your device.
Move obb folder to \sdcard\Android\obb .
Install Application.

If something doesn't work, try a clean install.

Most 18+ Games are ported pc games, which might not be compatible with some devices.

LP means Lucky Patcher 
GP means Patched Google Play
UP means Uret Patcher
JP means Jasi Patcher

Extension apks: To be installed with SAI tool (Split APKs Installer)

If you get a crash, do a clean install.

(18+) Behind The Dune V2.18.apk
(18+) Bright Past v0.18.2 MOD.apk
(18+) Call of the Void - v 0.10.05.apk
(18+) Camp Pinewood v1.9 [MOD].apk
(18+) Crimson Gray v1.1 [MOD].apk
(18+) Cure My Addiction v0.5.3 [MOD].apk
(18+) Fantasy Trainer v0.76 MOD.apk
(18+) Fuckerwatch.apk
(18+) Holiday Island v0.1.6.1 Beta [port].part1.rar
(18+) Holiday Island v0.1.6.1 Beta [port].part2.rar
(18+) Holiday Island v0.1.6.1 Beta [port].part3.rar
(18+) Hot Kitty Bar v0.5b [MOD].apk
(18+) Hypno Family Trainer.apk
(18+) Indecent Desires - The Game v0.04 [MOD].apk
(18+) Lewd Island vDay 8 noon [MOD].apk
(18+) Life with Mary v0.65 [MOD].apk
(18+) Life with Pleasure v0.9 Extras [MOD].apk
(18+) Long Live the Princess v0.20.0.apk
(18+) Maxs Life v0.24 [MOD].apk
(18+) Mythic Manor 0.9.part1.rar
(18+) Mythic Manor 0.9.part2.rar
(18+) Mythic Manor 0.9.part3.rar
(18+) Project Hot Wife v0.0.6 [MOD].apk
(18+) Ravens Quest v0.0.4 [MOD].apk
(18+) Sakura Dungeon.part1.rar
(18+) Sakura Dungeon.part2.rar
(18+) Shaping Her Future v1.0 [MOD].apk
(18+) SpaceCorps XXX v0.2.3 [MOD].apk
(18+) Summertime Saga 0.18.2.apk
(18+) The Power of Confidence v0.81 [MOD].apk
(18+) The Winds Disciple 1.2.apk
(18+) Under House Arrest v0.4.1 [MOD].apk
(18+) Vega Hunters 2.2.2.apk
(18+) Wakfuck.apk
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