TurboMosaic v3.0.9.0

TurboMosaic v3.0.9.0
iGO Navigation v9.18.27.736653 World | 601.43 MB | 6.46 GB | 1.27 GB

About the program: The iGO Primo NextGen app is designed for those who seek to make discoveries while traveling, but would like to receive useful tips that push in the right direction when traveling both to their hometown and to a new country or across the continent.

Describing the most remarkable features of iGO Primo Nextgen, it should be noted that it supports multi-mode data entry, including touch controls, a rotary controller and voice commands. In addition, it is possible to use multiple modes at the same time.

The new adaptive HMI-interface makes it easy to set individual settings: partners of the company can change the screens, layout and appearance of the buttons depending on the size of the display and its resolution. This makes it possible to use the NNG solution in cars of any model of any class. The technology does not depend on any platforms and supports all major operating systems, which ensures high compatibility with a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

In the application, the user has access to a large number of Live services provided by several service providers. Services include local search, fuel prices, parking information, weather and traffic information.

The main features of the system:
• Intuitive user interface
• Navigation for cars and trucks
• Guaranteed latest map updates.
• Communication functions
• Intuitive features
• Fast and mobile resource management
• HD 3D visualization

Intuitive features:
• Congestion detour
• Alternative real-time routing (Real-time route alternatives)
• Hints upon departure (Hints upon detour)
• Parking near the destination (Parking around destination)
• Visualization
• HD terrain rendering (High Definition Terrain)
• Additional Visualization Highlights
• Breadcrumb Trail function

• Intelligent Keyboard (Smart Keyboard)
• Intelligent Smart History function
• Point Addressing
• Visual Navigation (Picture Navigation)
• Additional Search Highlights

• Speed ​​logging (Historical speed)
• Ecological route (Green Routing)
• Time Orientation (Time Sense)
• Quick Planning
• Real-time route alternatives
• Additional routing features (Additional Routing Highlights)

Additional functions:
• Profiles for drivers
• Outdoor features
• Application suite
• Localization
• Navigation for truck (Truck Navigation)
• SLAPI 1.2 for fleet
• Speedcams user database
• Branding and customization
• Miscellaneous Application Features

Archived Europe HERE (Navteq) Maps:
3dl, 3dc, fbl, fpa, fda, ​​fsp, fjv, fjw, ftr, hnr, ph, poi,

Map directories (where to copy?)


3DC> 3D Buildings> / Content / Building /
3DL> 3D Landmarks> / Content / Building /
DEM> Map Terrain> / Content / Dem /
HSP> History Speed> / Content / Histspeed /
FBL> Actual Maps> / Content / Map /
FDA> Driver Alerts> / Content / Map /
FJW> Junction view> / Content / Map /
FPA> Proximity Alerts> / Content / Map /
FSP> Speed ​​profiles> / Content / Map /
FTR> Truck Info> / Content / Map /
HNR> Defined Routes> / Content / Map /
PH> Regional Voice Corrections> / Content / Phoneme /
POI> Points of Interest> / Contents / poi /
TXT> Radar> / Content / speedcam /
KML> Custom Points of Interest> / Content / userdata / poi /

About file:
Activation | reg code: Cracked
Interface Language: Russian | English-us-uk | Multi
File format: apk
Platform / OS: Android (device dependent)

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