Mongolia warns of bubonic plague outbreak as SEVENTEEN provinces bordering Russia are deemed at risk

While the spread of Covid-19 is starting to slow down in Russia, the world’s largest country may have another outbreak on its doorstep.

An expert in Mongolia has warned that the bubonic plague may spread throughout the country on Russia’s border. 

Bandikhuu Amgalanbayar, the deputy director of Mongolia’s National Center for the Study of Zoonotic Infections, has warned that over a hundred districts in 17 of the 21 provinces are at risk of a bubonic plague outbreak. Russia and Mongolia share an almost 3,500km border. 

The potential of an outbreak first came to light on July 3, when Mongolian media reported that a man and a woman from Mongolia’s western Khovd region were suspected of having contracted the disease after eating raw marmot meat.

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Less than two weeks later, on July 16, Mongolian doctors announced another suspected case of the plague, when a 16-year-old had a high temperature after eating marmot meat. Just days before, a 15-year-old died from the disease before getting to the hospital. 

Earlier in the month, Vladimir Nikiforov, the chief infectious diseases specialist at Russia’s Federal Biomedical Agency, described the plague as “absolutely no threat.”

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