Derelict Series Book 1-3 - Dean Henegar

Derelict Series Book 1-3 - Dean Henegar

Derelict Series Book 1-3 - Dean Henegar
Narrator: Jack Voraces
Genre: Sci-Fi, LitRPG, Adventure
Audio format: M4B / MP3

One captain’s death might turn out to be humanity’s best chance at survival.

As humanity expands into the stars, it discovers the universe is a hostile place.
When Captain Slater of the USS Franklin is assigned to a deep-space reconnaissance mission, his ship is destroyed by an unknown alien race.
Much to his surprise, Slater isn’t killed - he’s transformed. He is now a “derelict” - a consciousness bound to his old vessel.
Slater must quickly adapt to his new existence before raiders, alien armies, and mysterious forces seek to destroy him for a second and final time.

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