Ascend Online Series Book 1-4 - Luke Chmilenko

Ascend Online Series Book 1-4 - Luke Chmilenko

Ascend Online Series Book 1-4 - Luke Chmilenko
Narrator: Luke Daniels
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, LitRPG
Audio format: M4B

Diving into a revolutionary new video game, Marcus and his friends escape a stagnant society, entering into a world that defies their wildest imaginations. But from the moment that he logs in, Marcus finds himself separated from his friends and thrown into a remote village under attack by a horde of goblins.

Forced into battle, Marcus rallies the beleaguered villagers and, with their help, manages to drive off the invading creatures. With the village in ruins and their supplies spoiled, the survivors desperately turn to Marcus for help in rebuilding the village.

Realizing that this game is nothing like he's ever played before, Marcus is swept up into a whirlwind of adventure as he struggles to defend his new home, quickly finding that marauding goblins are the least of his problems.
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    Enate 23 December 2020 07:49
    awww no RG T_T
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    Enate 27 December 2020 01:48
    Any of these decent for a free user? I only have premium for RG that's why I ask.
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