The Idle System Series Book 1-7 - Pegaz

The Idle System Series Book 1-7 - Pegaz

The Idle System Series Book 1-7 - Pegaz A
Narrator: Roman Howell, Christian J. Gilliland
Genre: Fantasy, LitRPG
Audio format: MP3/M4B

For John, death was merely the beginning.
After saying goodbye to his life on earth, he never expected to find a brand new world still awaiting for him.
One where immortals flew through the clouds and ancient evils hid below the surface.
One where fables, myths, and legends filled every corner.
One where he could finally start anew.
Now, however, John is about to learn a valuable lesson, for any place humanity rules will always be the same - a domain where sin and ambition can only be tamed by power.
Will he have the strength to walk this road on his own or will he be unable to heal the old wounds hidden deep within his heart?
Find out by listening to The Idle System
This book contains a story of self-discovery, ambition, and revenge. Inspired by classical LitRPG and Xianxia, it's a new take on the genres. Containing romance without harem elements, The Idle System isn't a novel for the weak of heart, but one for those enamored with planetary-levels of destruction. If the aforementioned tropes are to your taste, don't hesitate to buy this bundle.
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