Emerilia Series Book 1-11 - Michael Chatfield

Emerilia Series Book 1-11 - Michael Chatfield

Emerilia Series Book 1-11 - Michael Chatfield
Narrator: Tristan Morris
Genre: Fantasy, LitRPG, Action, Adventure
Audio format: MP3/M4B

As he looked at life...
...surrounded by the trappings of success...
Austin wondered, is there anything else?
He made it to the top. As CEO of an asteroid mining company, Austin has accomplished everything he ever wanted in business. Now, he needs more. To get away he turns to a fantasy video game.
Is virtual reality the answer?
Should he pick, elf, gnome, caster, or swordsman?
He just wants peace and quiet, play as a dwarf, build a house, do some smithing and character building. His idea of the perfect fantasy game. Then he learns their secret.
Deceit hides in the shadows.
And the truth is all around.
Austin will need to level up.
If he gets caught, it means death. He’ll need help along the way. How can he convince anyone they’re slaves in a bigger game and stay under the radar? If Earth was a simulation and the game was real...
Who can he trust?
You’ll get hooked on this first book (of 11) in the Emerilia LitRPG series, because the characters grow and advance in the most believable of ways and the plot twists are fantastic. Any sufficiently advanced virtual reality makes it indistinguishable from reality.
Get it now.


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