Chaos Seeds Series Book 1-8 - Aleron Kong

Chaos Seeds Series Book 1-8 - Aleron Kong

Chaos Seeds Series Book 1-8 - Aleron Kong
Narrator: Nick Podehl
Genre: Fantasy, Sci Fi, LitRPG
Audio format: M4B

Discover Dr. Aleron Kong, the Father of American LitRPG! Number one in cyberpunk and video game science fiction! Over 1700 positive reviews on Goodreads!

When Richter was drawn into the greatest virtual reality MMORPG ever created, it seemed like a dream come true…until he found that nightmares walked The Land. He was confronted not only with a life and death struggle, but also with questions that would define his very soul.

What would you do if you were transported into your favorite video game?

What would you do if the gore, adventure, and pain became real?

What would you do to win?

Richter confronted these questions while an enemy lay savaged and screaming at his feet. His lips pulled back in a blood-streaked smile. The answer was simple.

“Absolutely anything….”

Welcome my friends! Welcome…to The Land!
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