Programming and Interfacing with Arduino

Programming and Interfacing with Arduino

epub | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ B09B3S9TWH | 278 pages | English | 20.6 MB

Programming and Interfacing with Arduino provides an in-depth understanding of the Arduino UNO board. It covers programming concepts, working and interfacing of sensors, input/output devices, communication modules, and actuators with Arduino UNO board. This book contains a large number of programming examples along with the description and interfacing details of hardware with Arduino UNO board.

It discusses important topics, including SPI communication protocol, I2C communication protocol, light-emitting diode, potentiometer, analog-to-digital converter, pulse width modulation, temperature sensor LM35, humidity and temperature sensor DHT11, motor driver L293D, LED interfacing and programming, and push-button interfacing and programming.

Aimed at senior undergraduate students and professionals in areas such as electrical engineering, electronics, and communication engineering, this text:

  • Discusses construction and working of sensors, including ultrasonic sensor, temperature sensor, and optical sensor.
  • Covers construction, working, programming, and interfacing of IO devices.
  • Discusses programming, interfacing construction, and working of relay with the Arduino board for controlling high-voltage devices.
  • Covers interfacing diagram of devices with the Arduino board.
  • Provides videos demonstrating the implementation of programs on the Arduino board.

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