Talk of a rematch between UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor has recently been revived once again, this time by members of the Russian's team, who are offering their nation's capital as the location.

As of right now, there's one specific fight that needs to be made over all others. And that's the long-awaited matchup between the streaking lightweight kings, Tony Ferguson and current UFC champ Nurmagomedov. That fight is the priority No. 1 fight in all of MMA.


The UFC works in mysterious ways... especially when a certain Irishman is involved. And for the past three years, that Irishman has had his name repeated on numerous occasions as a player atop the 155-pound ranks - no matter how inactive he's been.

Conor McGregor is the golden goose and still arguably the face of the UFC, as much as the community might no longer want to admit it. His popularity remains in another stratosphere when compared to all others. And as long as that's the case, some special treatment is always a possibility.

Whether or not McGregor fights again before a potential title shot or rematch with Nurmagomedov, if the rematch does happen, it should happen in one specific location.

As Khabib would say, "send location."

And this isn't too assume that McGregor will skip over Ferguson as Nurmagomedov's next challenger... but crazier things have happened.

Whether it's next, later, or never, it all remains to be determined. But if it happens, this is why Nurmagomedov vs McGregor 2 should be in Moscow, Russia.

Since suffering his fourth-round submission defeat to "The Eagle," "The Notorious" McGregor has made it painfully clear that he wants to get a rematch with the undefeated Russian.

Every time the first fight is mentioned to him on Twitter or in person, he generally has a typical brash response for it that alludes to things going differently the next time they meet. Sometimes he doesn't even need to be provoked as evidenced by his tweet following Khabib's win over Dustin Poirier.

Even McGregor's coach, John Kavanagh has recently expressed his interest in traveling to the Sambo master's homeland.

Despite it being so illogical, can you blame the guy? Their first fight was the biggest fight in MMA history from a numbers standpoint and the rematch would only be bigger. And imagine it being on Nurmagomedov's home turf. That might not even be the safest of options after seeing how things ended at UFC 229.

On top of that, it's a title fight. The man wants to remain in the title picture for as long as he can. And as for a competitive spirit, McGregor does possess a rather strong one. Let's not forget that this is the same guy who demanded an instant rematch with Nate Diaz at welterweight. A weight that their first fight was only at because it was on short notice.

With UFC 243 set to take place tomorrow night, it's projected to break the all-time UFC attendance record of 56,214 that was set by UFC 193 in 2015. Both events will have taken place in Melbourne, Australia's Marvel Stadium.

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В© AFP / Rey Del Rio | ZUMAPRESS / Jason Silva
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Now, we can assume that Nurmagomedov vs McGregor 2 would be huge, no matter which venue hosted it... but you better believe the UFC would want to magnify it to its maximum potential.

To do that, they could put the bout in the Luzhniki Stadium, which holds a total capacity of 81,000. With Nurmagomedov's popularity continuing to skyrocket in his home country, it wouldn't be shocking to see any fight he was in that took place in this stadium sell out. Put him against McGregor specifically and it's practically a guarantee that there will be no seat left unattended. This just means more and more dollar signs for the UFC.

Another thing that can practically be guaranteed is Nurmagomedov getting his wish of fighting in Russia before he calls it a career. In fact, he probably won't retire until that does happen. But if that is secretly the case... don't let Dana White know. Otherwise, he'll try to push it back for as long as he can so that Nurmagomedov continues to fight for several years.

But in all seriousness, Nurmagomedov DOES want to fight at home again and as a champion now, it makes all the sense in the world.


For the reigning lightweight ruler, it's been eight years since he has competed at home and that was directly before he debuted in the UFC in January 2012.

After seeing the success of Nurmagomedov's appearance in Abu Dhabi as well as the other championship bouts that have taken place in newer markets such as China, there's no reason to believe that Nurmagomedov WON'T be fighting in Russia before he retires.

Perhaps the most important reason why a Nurmagomedov-McGregor rematch could happen in Moscow is that Dana White likes the idea. If the boss likes the idea and all parties are down to do it, there's nothing really from stopping it.

Just look back at how absolutely excited Dana got when McGregor was still the champion, mentioning that he wanted to fight Khabib in Russia. That may have actually been the happiest we've ever seen him. And whether you believe McGregor actually said that or not, Dana very clearly loves the idea of it.

Now, getting back to what's most likely next for the lightweight title landscape, it's safe to assume that the fight with Tony Ferguson will be attempted for an incredible fifth time. And rightfully so. Assuming that Nurmadomedov does what he does best and comes out victorious once again, he'll be 29-0. That means we would quite possibly be looking at just one more fight for the Dagestani destroyer.

And with that comes only two legitimate possible final opponents. The first being the opponent Nurmagomedov and his team has been wanting for a while now, that being the legendary Georges St-Pierre.

However, St-Pierre is currently officially retired and out of the USADA testing pool. For him to return, he'll need to get back into the testing pool for six months... Unless he receives an exemption. One way or another, there's a lot of unpredictability surrounding the St-Pierre matchup but one thing is for certain and it's that it likely wouldn't be happening until mid-2020 at the earliest. Which for all we know could be too late for "The Eagle" to keep waiting around.

And because of that, it leaves the Irishman. Khabib's father, Abdulmanap, said it himself, "If McGregor wants it, Moscow is waiting." Thus suggesting that perhaps Khabib and company are changing their tune in regards to the potential rematch.

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В© AFP / Kirill Kudryavtsev
'If McGregor wants it, Moscow is waiting': Khabib's father says UFC champion wants rematch on Russian soil in 2020

Whether we ever see the pair in the Octagon together again is anyone's guess. But if we do, it should definitely be on the champion's home soil.


Footballer Luka Djordjevic chose a pitch-perfect location as he popped the question to girlfriend Jovana Baosic – making the proposal in the center circle at his club Lokomotiv Moscow’s stadium.

Montenegrin forward Djordjevic, 25, arrived in Russia in 2012 when he joined Zenit St. Petersburg, but was subsequently sent out for short stints at the likes of Twente in the Netherlands and Sampdoria in Italy, before settling for two seasons on loan at Russian side Arsenal Tula.

His uptick in form there earned him a move to Lokomotiv in the summer, and it was at the club’s 27,000 RZD Arena that he decided to get down on one knee.

Footage shared online showed the romantic moment as Baosic said “yes” and the newly-engaged couple shared a kiss, with fireworks going off in the background.



The pair have reportedly been together for at least the past five years, although it’s reported that Baosic is not based in Moscow with her fiancé - even if her Instagram account shows she is often in the Russian capital.   




Djordjevic will next be in action when Lokomotiv host his former club Arsenal Tula in Moscow on Sunday. 

The Montenegrin has already got one result he wanted at his team's stadium this week, and he'll hope the weekend can bring another.  

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A hacking group allegedly linked to Tehran targeted US President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign but was "unsuccessful," claims a Reuters report citing sources. It follows a similar Microsoft statement not naming the targets.

The threat group, dubbed “Phosphorous,” attempted to hack into accounts associated with Trump’s reelection campaign, sources familiar with the matter said Friday.

Earlier, Microsoft issued a press release describing the alleged Iran-linked attacks. While “unsophisticated,” the hackers had apparently spent considerable time researching their 241 targets, which also included political journalists and Iranian expats.

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FILE PHOTO В© Reuters / Ronen Zvulun
Firing up #Irangate? Microsoft says US presidential campaign accounts targeted by Iran hackers

Just last month, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif warned the US that it had bitten off more than it could chew when it started a cyberwar by unleashing the Stuxnet virus on Iran’s nuclear centrifuges in 2010: “But any war that the United States starts, it won’t be able to finish.”

The Trump campaign has denied it was targeted by hackers. “We have no indication that any of our campaign infrastructure was targeted,” Director of Communications Tim Murtaugh told Reuters.

Despite Microsoft describing the hackers as Iranian, no evidence has yet been provided of the operation really coming from Iran. In the wake of the Russiagate affair, cybersecurity professionals have advised against attributing cyberattacks to state actors, warning that both the origin and the telltale signs of the nationals involved could be masked or even planted to fool the target. This has not stopped companies like CrowdStrike, who’ve made their reputation on such attributions.

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В© Kirill Kallinikov
CIA wrote code 'to impersonate' Russia’s Kaspersky Lab anti-virus company, WikiLeaks says



Counter-terrorist investigators have taken over the probe into the stabbing rampage at Paris police headquarters, which saw a police computer expert with 15 years on the force allegedly murder four and injure two, sources say.

While the French government has not officially confirmed terrorism was the motive in the deadly stabbing attack, a judicial source close to the investigation told AFP the anti-terrorism prosecutor took over the case on Friday after police interviewed close associates of the 45-year-old perpetrator, Mickael Harpon, and examined his cellphone.

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French police secure the area in front of the Paris Police headquarters in Paris, France, October 3, 2019 В© REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer
Stabbing attack at Paris police HQ: What is known

Harpon reportedly converted to Islam about 18 months ago, but the government has gone out of its way to remind the public that “converting to Islam is not an automatic sign of radicalization.” An initial search of the house he shared with his wife and children in a low-income suburb near the Paris airport yielded no indication he had acted out of radical religious motives, and his wife claims he “heard voices” the night before murdering his four colleagues.

READ MORE: Paris police knifeman ‘heard voices’ before deadly rampage

Co-workers expressed shock that Harpon, who was shot dead by police responding to the attack, was behind the rampage, noting that he had “never shown any behavioral problems” or caused any trouble since joining the force in 2003.

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French police officers at the "March of Anger", Paris, France, October 2, 2019 В© Reuters / Christian Hartmann
Crumbling blue line: Overworked, demoralized French police stretched to breaking point

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A Norwegian TV channel has taken the extraordinary step of blocking a saucy scene from one of its shows, after the clip unexpectedly racked up hundreds of millions of views in India, Indonesia and Pakistan.

The scene in question came from a mini-series called Dumpa (meaning Dumped) on the P3 channel, which is run by the national broadcaster NRK. It depicted the ill-fated reunion of a young soldier on leave and his love-hungry girlfriend. 

Things start off well as the lingerie-clad woman seeks to make up for lost time, but her burning desire quickly turns to rage as her boyfriend informs her that he is being treated for a sexually transmitted disease. The scene ends with the hapless soldier being booted out the door.


The apparent language barrier didn’t stop viewers flooding in from all over south Asia as people were seemingly captivated by the gripping acting and storytelling in the Norwegian show... At least that’s what they’d tell you anyway.

NRK’s Eirik Solheim was quick to explain that the racy scene entirely complied with YouTube’s strict nudity rules, in an article about the extraordinary viewing figures.

The avalanche of clicks came from a range of countries – including India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Turkey. Nearly 40 percent of the views came from India alone. 

Solheim notes that several of the aforementioned countries have strict national filters against pornographic websites, likely explaining the popularity of the scene.


P3’s YouTube channel also landed hundreds of thousands of fresh followers in the aftermath of its viral moment. The channel now has nearly one million subscribers and about 800,000 of them are estimated to be from outside of its target audience.

While you’d think all these extra eyeballs viewing their content would be a good thing, P3 says that it has made it difficult to get accurate statistics on the people it actually wants to reach.

The station has since blocked the raunchy video, alongside several others whose views had risen up unexpectedly. It is now considering installing geo-blocking technology on some of its content.

“We probably have other opportunities rather than blocking the videos, but we found that this was the best we could do in the short term. They are on hold and may be reopened later,” the channel’s social media officer Daniel Ramberg told Dagbladet.

International viewers will surely be very excited to learn that the channel has yet to remove the clip from its Facebook page, so the saucy scene is still available outside of Norway for now.

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Rogue Warfare 2019 1080p WEB-DL H264 AC3-EVO

Rogue Warfare 2019 1080p WEB-DL H264 AC3-EVO

Rogue Warfare 2019 1080p WEB-DL H264 AC3-EVO
Rating 4,3/10 15 people voted
Released 2019
Genre Action
Actors Stephen Lang, Will Yun Lee, Kayla Adams, Chris Mulkey, Faruk Amireh, Essam Ferris, Bertrand-Xavier Corbi, Fernando Chien, Roman Mitichyan, Abraham Justice, Gina DeCesare, Hamzah Saman, Derek Ocampo, Elizabeth Aziz, Rory Markham

IMDB link

Plot A group of military elite from the U.S., Russia, UK, China and France join forces to fight an elite underground terrorist network.

UFC superstar Conor McGregor will appear in court in the Irish capital next week to face charges related to an incident in a Dublin pub earlier this year in which McGregor appeared to punch a man, according to reports in Ireland.

McGregor, 31, will appear before a judge at the Dublin District Court on Friday October 11 after it was determined by the Director of Public Prosecutions that he is to be prosecuted for the incident which took place in The Marble Arch pub in the Drimnagh area of Dublin in April of this year, the Irish Independent reports.  

McGregor is said to be facing an assault charge under Section Two of the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act. This comes after video footage of the incident was released in August which appeared to show McGregor strike an older man with his left hand. McGregor had been in the pub offering punters free shots of his Proper No. Twelve brand of Irish whiskey.

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В© Getty Images / AFP
'Conor vs Old Man in Pub II': McGregor 'comeback' jibes show need to make positive headlines again

Reports from the Irish media suggest that the older man had refused the drink while also verbally insulting the former UFC champion. The fracas came just a day after charges were dropped by Miami prosecutors following McGregor being arrested for damaging a fan's cell phone.

READ MORE: Conor McGregor charges dropped after Miami Beach 'phone attack' as victim refuses US return

A statement was taken from the alleged Dublin victim after which McGregor was questioned, but not arrested.

McGregor would later tell Ariel Helwani in an interview for ESPN that he regretted the incident and extended his apologies to the man in question.

"I was in the wrong," McGregor told Helwani. "That man deserved to enjoy his time in the pub without having to end the way it did.

"I tried to make amends and I made amends back then. It still, that doesn’t even matter. I was in the wrong.

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Getty Images / AFP
'Book my rematch for Moscow': McGregor reacts to Khabib victory at UFC 242

"I must come here before you and take accountability and take responsibility. I owe it to the people that have been supporting me. I owe it to my mother, my father, my family. “I owe it to the people who trained me."

Should McGregor be convicted, he is liable to spend six months in jail as well as facing a fine of $1,650, or both. He has previously come to the attention of Irish courts on road traffic charges, while he was arrested in New York City last year for his part in the now infamous 'Brooklyn bus attack'.


A �threat group’ believed to originate in Iran has attacked some 241 email accounts, including some associated with a US presidential campaign and current and former US officials, according to Microsoft.

The hacking group, dubbed “Phosphorous,” used personal information gathered by researching the targets, including phone numbers, to game password reset and account recovery features and gain entry into their email accounts, Microsoft reported on Friday.

While the attacks were “not technically sophisticated,” they still managed to compromise four of the targeted accounts - though not, Microsoft stressed, any of those associated with presidential campaigns or government officials.

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FILE PHOTO An Iranian flag flies on Iranian oil tanker Adrian Darya 1, previously named Grace 1, as it sits anchored after the Supreme Court of the British territory lifted its detention order, in the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain, August 18, 2019. В© REUTERS/Jon Nazca
Pompeo claims Iran is transferring oil off Syrian coast, calls for international response if cargo is delivered to Damascus

Between August and September, Phosphorous made over 2,700 attempts to identify targets’ email accounts and then attacked 241 of them, Microsoft claims. In addition to government figures, they went after journalists and prominent Iranian expats. The amount of personal information used suggests the hackers are “highly motivated and willing to invest significant time and resources” gathering information, the company warned.

Microsoft believes Phosphorous is connected to the Iranian government, though the company did not explain how it reached that conclusion, and that they are operating from within Iran.

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Iran says it foiled ASSASSINATION plot against elite Quds brigade commander Soleimani

The company also took the opportunity to advertise its AccountGuard software, which monitors sign-in efforts and password resets, and its “Defending Democracy Program,” including ElectionGuard - a “cybersecurity toolkit” developed in partnership with a defense contractor owned by the Pentagon to “secure” democratic elections. The latter has raised eyebrows from privacy advocates who don’t believe the Pentagon has any business “protecting” the vote.

Even before specific information about whose accounts had been targeted emerged, Twitter’s blue-checks were already blaming President Donald Trump.

Trump's open invitation to foreign government intelligence services that they should interfere in our elections has been received loud and clear,” smirked one user. “Interference in our elections is OK only when President Trump personally invites it—at least that’s the message we’ll soon be hearing,” sneered another. 

The Democratic National Committee circulated an alert warning that Phosphorous may “create believable spear phishing emails and fake LinkedIn profiles as primary tactics” and warned officials to beef up their security.

The US has targeted Iran with cyberattacks of its own for nearly a decade, starting with the Stuxnet virus developed in conjunction with Israeli intelligence that was used to knock out Iranian nuclear centrifuges in 2010 and allegedly including attacks on rocket launch pads and other infrastructure. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif warned Washington last month that while the US may have started the cyber-war, “it won’t be able to finish” it.

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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a fan of radical climate change solutions, but one “modest proposal” caught her off guard. A woman she thought had a “mental condition” suggested eating babies for the good of the earth.

Speaking about her proposed ‘Green New Deal’ at a town hall event on Thursday, AOC was interrupted by an apparently distressed woman who felt the Green New Deal’s zero-carbon goal just wouldn’t cut it. Claiming that “we only have a few months left” to fight climate change, the woman went on to suggest that humanity begin eating its own children to save the world from ecological apocalypse.


“We’ve got to start eating babies! We don’t have enough time. There’s too much CO2… even if we would bomb Russia, we still have too many people, too much pollution. So we have to get rid of the babies!”

What exactly bombing Russia would achieve was left unanswered, but after nearly three years of ‘Russiagate’ shenanigans in America, its inclusion is almost par for the course at this stage.

Ocasio-Cortez attempted to calm the woman down, assuring her that everything was “okay,” and “there are a lot of solutions we can pursue,” as concerned staff took her microphone back.

Right-wingers, some of whom were joking, immediately blasted AOC for not disavowing infanticide and the mass slaughter of Russians. Even President Donald Trump waded in, calling the New York Democrat a “wack job” on Twitter.

Ocasio-Cortez defended her heckler, suggesting that she may have been “suffering from a mental condition,” and calling on the right to stop mocking her for fear of making her “condition or crisis worse.”

The truth is that both sides got played. The woman was later revealed not to be a mentally ill eco-warrior, but a stooge, planted in the crowd by LaRouche PAC, a federalist conservative group. The organization took responsibility on Twitter, saying “LaRouchePAC trolls AOC, AOC doesn’t rule out eating babies.”

While LaRouche PAC may have deployed some heavy-handed Swiftian satire to ridicule the climate movement, there are a small minority of academics who believe that eating human flesh could be the solution to our climate woes. So-called ‘ethical cannibalism’ has been the subject of academic debate for some time, and a Swedish scientist made waves last month when he touted corpse-eating as “the solution to food sustainability in the future.” 

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President Donald Trump has signed off on Poland’s entry to the State Department’s Visa Waiver Program, letting Polish citizens enter the US for 90 days without a visa. The move follows defense talks with President Andrzej Duda.

Trump made the announcement on Friday, but the plan had been expected since Trump’s meeting with Duda on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York last month. There the two leaders held talks on defense, security and energy, with Trump confirming his plans to relocate an estimated 1,000 US troops to Poland, with the Polish government building facilities to house them.

The two leaders also vowed to resist Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany, calling the project a “threat” to European security.

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US President Donald Trump meets with Poland039;s President Andrzej Duda В© Reuters / Jonathan Ernst
Washington & Warsaw make pact to obstruct Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

Polish citizens will soon be able to travel visa-free to the US, for business or pleasure, for a maximum of 90 days. 30 other European countries are already members of the program, including Polish neighbors Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Lithuania.

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The Russian journalist who was arrested in Tehran earlier this week will soon be released, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said. Yulia Yuzik was reportedly accused of working with the Israeli security forces.

Yuzik was held to “provide explanations,” the ministry added, without expanding on what she had been asked to explain.

The journalist’s family sounded the alarm over her arrest abroad earlier on Friday. They said that the woman had her passport taken away from her when she arrived in Tehran last week. And, on Wednesday, troops from Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards Corps “burst into her hotel room” and detained Yuzik.

The woman was later allowed to make a phone call, in which she told her relatives that there would be a court hearing of her case on Saturday.

The family claimed that Yuzik could face up to 10 years in an Iranian prison over alleged links to the Israeli secret services. The journalist did visit Israeli military bases while reporting on the IDF, but that was a decade ago.

Yuzik worked as a correspondent in Iran a few years previous, but this time she had returned to the country for a private visit “on the invitation of an acquaintance.”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry summoned the Iranian ambassador, Mehdi Sanaei, to its headquarters in Moscow to explain the arrest, while the country’s diplomats in Tehran requested a consular meeting with the Russian citizen.

Yuzik used to write for Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper and the Russian version of US magazine, Newsweek.

The 38-year-old made a name for herself in early 2000s after her book on female suicide bombers who were trained in terrorist camps across Russia’s Northern Caucasus was published in nine countries. It caused some controversy as critics accused the author of whitewashing Islamist extremists and shifting the blame to the Russian military, who were fighting them.

The journalist also made attempts to go into politics. Yuzik ran for election to the Russian parliament back in 2016 for one of the opposition parties, but failed to garner enough votes.

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Israeli military pokes fun at Iranian �Mean Girls,’ but who’s really obsessed?

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In boxing, a �lip smacker’ might have a different meaning, but world champion Ewa Brodnicka and Edith Solidad Matthysse took it literally when Brodnicka playfully kissed Matthysse, who responded by slapping her across the face.

While one might expect a 'lip smacker' to be a boxer adept at delivering punches to the mouth, it usually means simply 'to kiss', which is what 35-year-old Polish WBO super featherweight champion Brodnicka subjected contender Matthysse to during the traditional staredown at their pre-fight weigh in, only to be literally smacked across the lips by the Argentine.


Defending champion Brodnicka perhaps thought her skimpy outfit made entirely of straps and barely maintaining her dignity would attract most attention at the pre-fight weigh in before their headline showdown at the Tymex Boxing Night 9 gala in Czestochowa, Poland, on Friday.

She was wrong. The hometown fighter came out confidently, strolling in to AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck' wearing snakeskin style boots and her lingerie get up, carrying her red WBO world title and confidently posing for the cameras on the scales.

Brodnicka decided to crank up the heat a little more during the traditional staredown by kissing her rival square on the lips, before turning and momentarily shooting off a wry smile, thinking she had won the pre-fight mind games.

But Matthysse isn’t exactly the affectionate type and the battle-hardened bruiser slapped the smirk from Brodnicka’s face with a short sharp right slap across the mouth, prompting the champ to counter with a straight left, this time without the smile.

YouTube / WP SportoweFakty

The two landed some vicious shots before being broken up by the fight promoter; Matthysse however did not knock off Brodnicka’s large gold spectacles, and Matthysse’s baseball cap surprisingly stayed firmly in place. The result was an awkward post-weigh in picture with a less-than-impressed Matthysse left left to fume at her opponent's antics.

The incident was reminiscent of Swedish boxer Mikaela Lauren’s kiss on world champion Cecilia Braekhaus before their undisputed world welterweight title fight in 2017, who had done the same years earlier to world champ Christina Hammer. The omens might not be good for Brodnicka, as Lauren lost both of those fights.

Maybe boxing is the wrong discipline for the pair. Perhaps the two would be more suited to the famous 'Russian Slapping Championships', made famous by stunning slap KOs from winner Vasily ‘Dumpling’ Kamotskiy, or the 'Russian ‘Booty Slapping Championships’ - the female equivalent.

Even if Brodnicka’s psychological warfare had backfired, her impromptu and unconsented kiss, plus her scorching outfit, certainly will give the #MeToo movement something to talk about.


It’s already apparent Matthysse can hold her own in a slapping contest, but Brodnicka was full of praise for her boxing ability too, telling local reporters, “She is a very solid rival who is not known for how she will fight. Whether "on your feet" or half - distance.” 

Brodnicka has previously made headlines for her out-of-ring activities. In May this year she was tipped to swap her pro boxing career for Playboy when rumors circled she would pose nude for the men’s magazine. 

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Instagram / Ewa Brodnicka
Swapping punches for Playboy? Meet stunning Polish world boxing champion Ewa Brodnicka (PHOTOS)

“That's a question for Playboy. I used to think about it and I would probably even be happy with such a proposal, but now I do not care about it. If there was a proposal, then I would consider it,” she replied, Polish publication SportoweFakty reported.

The former European lightweight champion has fought her entire career in her native Poland since turning professional in 2013, and paid homage to her homeland by sporting white and red cornrows in a nod to the country’s national flag at the weigh in.


Matthysse, four years Brodnicka’s senior at 39, has something of a journeyman record at first glance with a 16-10 showing in the paid ranks. However, the Argentinian punches as well as she slaps and is a two-time world champion, having won the WBA and WBC featherweight titles before moving up to challenge the Pole. She is also yet to be stopped in her pro career.

If the in-ring action provides as much entertainment as the weigh-in, then the crowd will be left slap happy on Friday night.


Engineers have developed a method of printing electronic devices directly onto human skin. The eyebrow-raising breakthrough could be used to create high tech bespoke bandages and may even become another tool in modern warfare.

Scientists have been trying to create so-called electronic tattoos for years now and the latest development represents a significant step forward for the spooky-sounding technology.

The system created by researchers from Duke University is gentle enough to work on delicate surfaces including paper and human skin. The boffins say that it could pave the way for embedded electronic tattoos for “biological tagging” and bandages containing patient-specific biosensors.


The scientists developed an ink laced with silver nanowires that can be printed directly onto skin at low temperatures using an aerosol printer. The thin film is dry in less than two minutes and works even after being bent more than a thousand times.

As well as “biological tagging” Professor Aaron Franklin, one of the researchers, said the tattoos could be used for “unique detection mechanisms,” “on-the-fly custom electronics,” and “customized bandages.”

“Think about creating bespoke bandages that contain electronics like biosensors, where a nurse could just walk over to a workstation and punch in what features were needed for a specific patient,” Franklin said. “This is the type of print-on-demand capability that could help drive that.”

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В© Reuters / Rodrigo Garrido
Homeland Security fuses all biometric data on an Amazon server - what could go wrong?

As with many technological breakthroughs a military use for the technology has already been devised. Another group of researchers from the University of Minnesota have developed a low-cost 3D printer which would enable soldiers to print disposable sensors on their hands which could detect such things as chemical or biological agents in the field.

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Despite all the effort that went into Russiagate, the claims against Donald Trump just wouldn’t stick. Luckily for the Democrats, there are plenty more Eastern European countries that can be used to bring down a president.

So, next in line is Ukraine, and a phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian president that has the Democrats so excited, they finally think they can get the man in the White House impeached.

ICYMI takes a look.

For more, follow #ICYMI on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.


Norwegian 1500-meter runner Filip Ingebrigtsen has escaped suspension despite appearing to punch rival racer Teddese Lemi during a heat at the World Athletics Championships in Qatar on Thursday.

Ingebrigtsen avoided censure from race officials even after the television broadcast suggested that he struck the Ethopian runner in the back as they competed for inside track, causing Lemi to stumble.

Prior to the strike Ingebrigtsen also appeared to charge his shoulder in Lemi on at least two occasions.

READ MORE: Innovative angle? ‘Intimate’ close-up camera shots restricted at IAAF World Championships after complaints from female athletes

The coming together and ensuing tangle of legs caused Lemi to lose his balance and fall to the ground while Ingebrigtsen qualified for Friday's semi-final, as did his brother Jakob.

"That’s a punch," said 1984 Olympic silver medalist Steve Cram of the incident while commentating on the race for the BBC.

"If the track referee hasn’t seen that, I’m amazed. This is nothing against Filip Ingebrigtsen, this could be anybody, but I’m amazed he hasn’t been disqualified thus far."

Michael Johnson, one of the most decorated athletes in American history, stated on the same broadcast that it wasn't the punch which bothered him but rather the route Ingebrigtsen took which he said made contact with Lemi inevitable.

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В© Imago-images / Joel Marlund
WATCH: Heartwarming scenes as runner helps stricken rival stagger across the line at World Athletics Championships in Doha

"Steve pointed this out, it’s not so much the push in the back it’s trying to cross over," Johnson said.

"He’s immediately, after that jostling, Filip tries to cross over into the inside and crosses right behind Lemi and cuts him off and clips the back of his foot."

Whatever his intentions, Ingebrigtsen will receive no official punishment for his role in the incident while it was also announced that Lemi will not be re-instated to the competition. 


UFC great Michael Bisping has shocked fans by taking out his fake eye live on a podcast – revealing the full extent of the visual impairment he fought through for much of his career.

The former UFC middleweight champ, 40, suffered a detached retina in his bout against Vitor Belfort in Brazil back in 2013, but battled on for a further 11 fights in his career.

That included defeating the legendary Anderson Silva in 2015 and picking up middleweight gold against Luke Rockhold the following year – then defending the title on home soil against Dan Henderson.

WATCH: Ex-UFC champ Bisping makes hasty exit after jokingly hitting combo on giant Kazakhstani stuntman

While Bisping lost the final two outings of his 39-fight career – against Georges St. Pierre and Kelvin Gastelum – it’s clear he was fighting with severely limited vision.

В© Getty Images / AFP / Mike Stobe

The extent of that was plain to see when he popped out a prosthetic right eye live on his podcast ‘Believe You Me’, leaving MMA fans stunned. 

“I wore my dark glasses to hide from the commission. That's why I used to wear f***ing sunglasses, baby boy!” Bisping said as he took out the eye – to the horror of co-host Luis J. Gomez.


It’s not reported when exactly Bisping had the fake eye fitted, although he told MMA journalist Simon Head earlier this year about the difficulties the injury from the Belfort bout had posed.   

“My vision was pretty much non-existent since 2013. I was just about able to scrape past the medicals. It was definitely touch and go…

“To pass the medical test, you’ve got to have 20-200 vision, which is classed as clinically blind anyway, so it’s not very good – it’s not a very hard mark to pass.

"Some days I could, some days I couldn’t. But fortunately, I was just able to scrape by,” the UFC Hall of Famer said back then.

“People always say: ‘How did you fight with only one eye?’ And I always say: ‘With great (expletive) difficulty!'”


The eye-popping revelation has caused MMA fans to recoil in horror but also express their admiration for a man already deemed a legend of the sport.

“Wow, I literally had no eyedea,” joked one Twitter user.

“Should be handed the bmf belt immediately,” wrote another – referring to the ‘Baddest Motherf*cker’ title soon to be contested by Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal.  

“They should have invented and retired that BMF belt with Bisping… absolute gladiator,” another fan added.

Michael Bisping – a fighter so good he could beat you with one eye blind.


As Democrats clamor to impeach President Donald Trump for allegedly pressuring Ukraine into probing the Biden family, Kiev’s top prosecutor announced that he will reopen the investigation.

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka announced on Friday that he will review 15 high-profile corruption cases. Among them is an investigation into the owner of energy firm Burisma, which paid former vice president Joe Biden’s son Hunter $50,000 per month to sit on its board for five years, despite his lack of qualifications in the field. 

President Trump believes that Joe Biden wielded his political influence to land Hunter the job, using the promise of military aid to Ukraine as leverage. In a July phone call to newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Trump suggested that he reopen a closed investigation into Burisma, a demand he reiterated on Thursday.

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FILE PHOTO Joe Biden and his son Hunter В© Reuters/JE/DH
Trump says China and Ukraine should investigate the Bidens' activities in the countries

Though a Biden spokeswoman called the allegations against her boss the stuff of “conspiracy theories,” a foreign corruption investigation would certainly cast a pall over Biden’s 2020 campaign. 

However, Ryaboshapka insisted on Friday that the decision to reopen the Burisma case was not politically motivated, even if it came a day after Trump publicly stated that Ukraine “should investigate the Bidens” and their “crooked deal.”

Democrats in Washington see the investigation differently. Following a whistleblower complaint that the now-infamous phone call between Trump and Zelensky amounted to the US leader pressuring his Ukrainian counterpart into smearing a frontrunning 2020 candidate, Democrats on Capitol Hill have clamored to impeach Trump.

Though lacking the formal support of a full vote in the House of Representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has lumped together six committee probes into Trump to form an impeachment inquiry in all but name. 

With a White House transcript of the phone call showing no evidence of coercion or a quid pro quo deal between Trump and Zelensky, Democrat committee chairmen have sought to pull together other evidence of the supposed pressure campaign against Zelensky. Text messages among US officials have been published, and former US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker was grilled by the Democrat-led House Oversight Committee on Thursday.

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The text messages outline concern among officials that the phone call could be considered incriminating, and discussion on how best to see that the Biden case be reopened. However, Republicans on the Oversight Committee claim that Volker’s testimony – given over nine hours behind closed doors on Thursday – completely “undercut the salacious narrative” peddled by pro-impeachment Democrats.

With impeachment drama dominating headlines, Biden has stayed relatively quiet about his own role in the affair. The former VP has stated that he knew nothing of his son’s foreign business dealings, a statement contradicted by the emergence of a photograph showing Joe and Hunter Biden golfing with a Burisma executive in 2014. Trump has blasted Biden on Twitter over the photograph, but Biden has stuck to his guns, telling a crowd on Wednesday that he will not let Trump “destroy my family.”

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Russia’s Defense Ministry often uses the internet to promote its newest military hardware, but now its YouTube channel has been unexpectedly updated with a soothing and beautifully filmed clip from Franz Josef Land in the Arctic.

The drone footage, set to chilled-out saxophone music, contains some exciting and rare shots, including footage of a polar bear lounging on grass, beaching walruses, snow-covered mountains, icebergs, and endless northern landscapes.


The video was filmed during a 44-day expedition to Franz Josef Land, jointly organized by the Defense Ministry, the Russian Geographical Society, and the Russian Arctic National Park.

© Wikipedia; © Russia’s Defense Ministry

The archipelago, which consists of almost 200 islands, is located 969km from the North Pole – closer than any other landmass in the Eastern Hemisphere.

© Russia’s Defense Ministry

The expedition performed more than 20 landings in the Arctic, discovering six new islands and measuring the maximum depth of the Barents Sea, which is 632 meters deep.

В©  Russia’s Defense Ministry

Russia has been heavily investing in research and exploration in the Arctic in recent years as other regional players – Canada, Denmark, Norway, and the US – are looking to lay claim in the area due to its rich natural resources and strategic geographical position.

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© Russia’s Defense Ministry
Russian marines heat up the Arctic with large-scale exercise (VIDEO)

The Russian military presence in the Arctic is also being boosted, with the country building and repairing bases and airfields, as well as deploying its newest hardware, including S-400 air defense systems, there.

В©  Russia’s Defense Ministry

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PM Boris Johnson will seek a Brexit extension from Brussels if a deal has not been agreed by October 19, contradicting his previous assertion that he would “rather be dead in a ditch” than ask for a delay, a court has heard.

Johnson has consistently stated that, despite the enactment of the recent ‘Benn Act’ compelling him to seek an extension to Article 50 from the EU, he would not ask for a delay to Brexit and the UK would leave the bloc on October 31.

The UK prime minister has until now insisted that his Tory government would obey the law, but has been less forthcoming as to how he can keep his promise of no further Brexit delays.

The Court of Session in Edinburgh heard on Friday that UK government documents reveal that they accept Johnson is obliged to “send a letter... no later than 19 October” to President of the European Council Donald Tusk, seeking a Brexit delay.

The legal action led by a number of anti-Brexit campaigners including SNP MP Joanna Cherry QC will ask Scotland’s highest court to require Johnson to request an extension to avoid leaving the bloc without a deal.

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(L) Guy Verhofstadt and Donald Tusk В© Virginia Mayo / AP Pool / AFP; (R) Boris Johnson В© AFP / Paul Ellis
�Not a basis for agreement’: EU Parliament tears apart Britain’s Brexit proposals as BoJo scrambles to secure a deal

In September, during questions from the media after conducting a speech in front of a wall of police officers in West Yorkshire, Johnson claimed he “would rather be dead in a ditch” than ask for a delay. He’s also insisted that the UK would leave the EU “do or die” on October 31.

Steve Baker, chair of the hardline Brexit European Research Group (ERG), appeared to suggest on Twitter that he had been reassured that the government still intended to leave by the end of October, come what may.

It comes after Johnson’s Brexit plans to solve the Irish backstop were given cold treatment by EU officials. Brussels’ Brexit Steering Group (BSG) were less than impressed, writing in a draft statement on Thursday that the proposals “do not represent a basis for an agreement to which the parliament could give consent by the end of the month.”

The UK government is yet to comment.

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Moscow is planning to cooperate on nuclear energy with Havana, and wants to help develop Cuba’s oil and gas resources, a government official said as PM Dmitry Medvedev visited the country for the first time in 11 years.

The head of the Russian government began his two-day trip to Cuba on Thursday amid escalating tensions between Washington and Havana. Both Russia and Cuba are under Western pressure, Medvedev said, slamming the US for trying to create a “toxic atmosphere” and an “energy blockade” of the island.

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“But Cuba’s experience resisting the blockade for nearly 60 years shows that this policy will fail,” the Russian prime minister said.

Russia closely cooperates with Cuba in the energy sector, and year-on-year oil exports to the country increased nearly four-fold in the first half of 2019, according to Russia’s First Deputy Chief of Staff Sergey Prikhodko.

Moscow is also ready to boost efforts to reduce Havana’s import dependence and raise energy security as the two states’ energy ministries signed a roadmap for the participation of Russian companies in the program to develop Cuba’s energy sector.

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Oil pumps near the sea on the outskirts of Havana, Cuba В© Reuters / Desmond Boylan
Washington hits Cuba with sanctions over economic links to Venezuela

Moscow is also ready to help with the development of nuclear energy on the island if the Cuban government decides to build nuclear power plants. Meanwhile, the two sides are also working on other possible ways to use nuclear-powered technology.

“At present, we are discussing a wide range of so-called non-energy use of peaceful atoms. More specifically, we are discussing the use of nuclear technologies in medicine and agriculture,” Prikhodko said.

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Fuel tanker is driven at Cienfuegos Oil Refinery southeast of Havana.
�Miscarriage of justice’: Cuba slams lawsuits against state-owned firms

In attempt to revive the Cuban energy sector, Russia plans to invest up to €700 million ($769 million) to overhaul 10 power generation units at three thermal power plants in Cuba. The official said that borrowed capital will be attracted to implement the project. Russia’s Inter RAO – Export and Cuba’s state electricity company Energoimport have already agreed on the project’s roadmap and are expected to sign the contract next year.

Medvedev became the highest-profile Russian official to visit Cuba since 2014, when President Vladimir Putin visited the country. Last time Medvedev himself visited Cuba was back in 2008, when he was the Russian president.

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