Insight Numerics in: Flux 1.25 (x64)

Insight Numerics in: Flux 1.25 (x64)
Insight Numerics in: Flux 1.25 | 234.8 mb

The Insight Numerics team is pleased to announce the availability of Insight Numerics in: Flux 1.25. This release includes a small of bug fixes as well as new Improments.

Insight Numerics in: Flux 1.25 - Release Notes:

Feature Improments:
- The User interface for simulation now streches with the project tree,which is useful to reveal names of simulations
- adgusted the adaption frequensy for stready-state dispersion simulations from every 25 iretation to every 40 iterations
- Updated help file.
Bug Fixes:
- fixed adaption scalars bug where they were not being solver for inflow group simulations.
- loading projects now stops running simulations in the background.
- colormaps modified for globalization
- other minor bug fixes

About Insight Numerics in: Flux. in:Flux is CFD software that analyses ventilation and gas dispersion within complex geometries. It is aimed at all engineers, including those who have never previously performed a CFD themselves. The speed and simplicity of in:Flux is unrivaled. Organizations can now carry out CFD modeling at a fraction of the time and cost associated with other CFD products.

- The only CFD software specifically designed for dispersion and ventilation analyses, eliminating the need of expertise to 'tweak' general purpose codes.
- Interface directly with many CAD formats (DGN, DWG, DXF, IGES, STEP, OBJ, STL), as well as Navisworks (NWD), no approximations are made to the geometry.
- All meshing, boundary conditions, and numerical setup is automated.
- Post-processing visuals can be added after calculations have finished rather than hope planes defined prior to the simulation contain relevant information.
- Once the process is understood, multiple simulations can be set up very quickly as simulations are automatically scheduled without the need of scripting.

A short introduction to in:Flux CFD software for ventilation and dispersion modeling, developed by Insight Numerics. in:Flux is extremely easy to use, powerful, and can complete simulations in minutes.

About Insight Numerics. Insight Numerics is dedicated to building a complete suite of the most advanced, visually intuitive software for safety analysis in the oil and gas industry.

In January 2018 the Insight Numerics team built on their success with Detect3D and released in:Flux, the most intuitive CFD software available to date, allowing anyone to perform ventilation and dispersion simulations without the need of outsourced expertise.

Product: Insight Numerics in: Flux
Version: 1.25
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP SP3 or higher (x64 only)
Size: 234.8 mb

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