The Paris Saint Germain fans made their feelings known to wantaway star Neymar during PSG's match with Strasbourg on Saturday, but the Brazilian had the last laugh as he scored a stunning injury-time bicycle kick to win the match.

Neymar, who has made no secret his desire to leave the La Liga giants, has been the subject of interest from a host of clubs, including Real Madrid and his former club Barcelona.

But to date no deal has been agreed to transfer the mercurial Brazilian from Paris, leaving him to continue his career with a club, and a fanbase, who know his interests lie elsewhere.

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© Reuters / Ueslei Marcelino
Barca or Real? Assessing the beautiful dilemma facing PSG’s wantaway star Neymar

And the PSG fans made very clear how they felt about their wantaway star as they booed his every touch during PSG's labored performance against Strasbourg.

Some players may have wilted under the torrent of boos, while others may have demanded to be substituted, but Neymar persisted and eventually conjured a moment of magic in the 91st minute to earn PSG a priceless win.

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© AFP / Franck Fife
Neymar is stuck at PSG as football’s most expensive headache – let that be a lesson

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Neymar's celebrations were significantly muted as he simply wheeled away as his teammates swamped him. The boos had clearly had an effect, but they didn't stop him being the matchwinner as his stunning strike gave PSG a 1-0 win.

Watch the incredible moment below:


A municipality in Sweden decided to quit flying LGBT pride flags on public buildings, after conservative parties took over the city council.

The town of Solvesborg in southeastern Sweden has voted to stop hoisting the rainbow-colored flag on the city hall every August during Stockholm Pride, the annual LGBT-themed festival held in the nation’s capital. From now on, only local and national flags are allowed on public buildings.

The idea of flying the Pride colors was introduced in 2013, when the city council was led by the center-left Social Democrats. But now the city is controlled by conservative Swedish Democrats (SD) and three other right-leaning parties, who decided to revise the local flag code.

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FILE PHOTO A police officer escorts migrants from a train at Hyllie station outside Malmo, Sweden. © Reuters / Johan Nilsson
Sweden ends sweeping ‘automatic asylum’ policy for Syrians

“Tradition is important to us, and I know many of our older residents share this view,” Mayor Louise Erixon (SD) explained the move to discard the Pride flag.

Not everyone is happy with the new flag policy, though. Politician and LGBT-themed event organizer Sophia Ahlin scolded her colleagues in the Moderate Party who sided with SD against the Pride Flag. “Their decision goes completely against what the Moderates stand for in terms of equality of all people,” she argued.

Having legalized same-sex marriage in 2009, Sweden is considered to be a largely liberal and LGBTQ-friendly country. However, Solvesborg with its population of around 9,000 is often described in the media as an example of conservatism becoming more popular in Sweden’s countryside. The leader of the Swedish Democrats, Jimmie Akesson, grew up in the town, while mayor Erixon is his partner. He wrote in an Instagram post that no flags of political significance would be hoisted on city hall.

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Many places worldwide offer newcomers insanely cheap real estate or even cash in an effort to tackle problems like urbanization, bad demographic situations, or lack of workforce. However, they all come with strings attached.

1. Molise region, southern Italy

A region in southern Italy has recently announced it will pay newcomers €700 ($780) a month for three years if they move into one of its villages. The generous offer stems from the fact that people are gradually leaving the picturesque rural region, moving into megapolises like Milan and Rome.

What's the catch?

The money is good, but what do you have to do to earn it? Well, to start with, you have to move to Molise, obviously. And into a village that has fewer than 2,000 residents. You also need to set up a business there.

"We wanted people to invest here. They can open any sort of activity: a bread shop, a stationery shop, a restaurant, anything. It's a way to breathe life into our towns while also increasing the population," Donato Toma, the president of Molise, explained.

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 © Manuel Silvestri
Cities of angels? 5 metropolises that could soon be killed by Mother Nature

2. Sicily, Italy

Molise is not the first Italian region with a generous offer for relocating – several towns in Sicily last year offered homes to anyone who's willing to come and claim them for €1 ($1.12) – less than the price of a standard espresso. The towns of Sambuca and Mussomeli announced sales of old properties in hopes of saving themselves from depopulation. Eventually, Sambuca sold off 16 historical stone mansions to buyers from the US, China, France, Britain, Russia, and Argentina. However, none of them actually went for €1 – the homes were sold in a blind auction in which bids started at that benchmark, but ended up between €1,000 and €25,000 ($1,100-27,600).

What's the catch?

The auction, obviously. Which did not stop the buyers! Also, the condition of the houses – all are beautiful but derelict old things on the verge of collapsing on the new owner's head. And – as a mandatory condition – the new owner has to spend at least €15,000 on renovating his or her Sicilian home, and to pay a security deposit of €5,000 in advance, non-refundable if the renovation is not carried out.  

3.  Kaitangata, New Zealand

In 2016, a number of media outlets posted news that the tiny New Zealand town of Kaitangata, with a population of just 800 and  “too many jobs,” was offering $156,000 (€140,000) to each new resident. Local employers, which include a dairy plant, were also on board with the scheme.

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Women on a beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania. © Global Look Press/Martin Moxter/imageBROKER.com
‘Set your ovaries free’: Tanzanian president urges women to have babies to boost economy

What's the catch?

It was actually the other way around. At the time, the town on the South Island had many empty houses, and offered them along with nice plots of land – for the bargain price stated in the articles. So, you would have had to pay the money, not get it from the town's authorities. Still, the mayor received around 5,000 calls from people planning to move and demanding money, and was forced to issue an official statement explaining what Kaitangata is actually able to offer and to whom.

“There is currently a story that has been published by overseas media that we are paying people $160,000 to move to Kaitangata and people should ring the mayor about it. This is NOT TRUE,” he stated, noting that if someone is “genuinely interested in the house and land packages in Kaitangata” and “meet the immigration criteria,” he or she is welcome to come, as the house price tags listed in the articles are correct. 

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A sex doll. © Vincent Kessler
Japanese ‘facing extinction’ as humans turn to silicon sex dolls (VIDEO)

4.  Japan. 'Akiya banks'

'Akiya' is the Japanese term for 'vacant homes'. Akiya banks are websites that list vacant houses that are either for sale or given away for free. The sites started appearing in Japan, the world's third-largest economy, due to an ever-increasing number of abandoned homes both in the country's rural areas and in big cities like Tokyo. The problem stems from Japan's aging and shrinking population that has already left many towns and villages empty. The akiya sites are actually created by local governments and communities to manage the growing stock of empty houses in their towns, as well as to draw in people to live and work there.

What's the catch?

There seems to be none. Except for, maybe, the actual need for people to come and live in the house they buy. Also, some communities not only offer the newcomer a house for free, but are willing to pay for any renovations needed for the house to be habitable again.

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Mortgage debt in US exceeds 2008 financial crisis peak

5.  USA

A number of cities across the US have programs aimed at drawing in new blood and brains to their communities and enterprises. Last year, Tulsa, Oklahoma made headlines when it announced plans to start paying workers $10,000 to move to the state for a year in order “to attract tech talent and entrepreneurial people” and “diversify our workforce.” Prior to that, Vermont offered to pay 100 people up to $10,000 (€9,000) to move to the state in 2019. New Haven, Connecticut and Baltimore, Maryland both offered up to $80,000 (€72,000) in incentives to attract homeowners. The town of Harmony, Minnesota promised to give anyone up to $12,000 (€11,000) toward the cost of building a home – provided they live in it.

What's the catch?

Every state's offer is different, depending on what it is looking for – a worker or a homeowner – but mostly there's only one condition to be met – you have to move in, at least for some time. In some cases, bonuses are offered.

But Alaska has outdone them all. With the Alaska Permanent Fund, the state divides its oil royalties evenly among all registered residents and pays them out via an annual dividend, to anyone registered in Alaska – even children. Last year, it was $1,100 a person. Whether that's enough to make it worth trying to survive the Alaskan winters is another matter.

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Liverpool's come-from-behind 3-1 win over Newcastle United at Anfield showed there are plenty of reasons for Jurgen Klopp to be particularly pleased with what he saw in Saturday's early kick-off match.

Jetro Williams' rocket stunned Anfield as the Toon took a shock early lead after just seven minutes. But while some goals can critically be attributed to defensive shakiness or poor marking assignments at set-pieces, this strike was simply a bolt from the blue. In short, nothing to be overly concerned about.

What Klopp would have been looking for – and expecting – from his team was a response, and he got one. Despite a spell of scrappy, mistake-ridden football that led to some consternation in the stands, the Reds kept plugging away and kept believing in their approach.

It paid off in the 28th minute when Andrew Robertson set up Sadio Mane, who netted the equalizer in fine style. Roberto Firmino then set up Mane for his second to complete the turnaround before halftime.

Mo Salah added a third in the second half to put a bow on Liverpool's comeback win, but it was the manner of the Reds' turnaround as they extricated themselves from a tricky position before the break that will have given Klopp the most cause for satisfaction.

That's five wins from five for the Reds, who look in fine fettle early in the campaign. And if their comeback from an early setback against Newcastle is any indication of the team's mentality moving forward, Klopp's men could well end up pushing defending champions Manchester City to the limit once again this season.


The US and Israel are discussing a mutual defense treaty that would further cement the already “tremendous” alliance between the two countries, President Donald Trump has revealed.

"I had a call today with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss the possibility of moving forward with a Mutual Defense Treaty, between the United States and Israel, that would further anchor the tremendous alliance between our two countries," Trump tweeted. 

Trump voiced not-that-veiled support for Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Israel.

“I look forward to continuing those discussions after the Israeli Elections when we meet at the United Nations later this month!” Trump wrote.

The support surely comes in handy, as Netanyahu’s backing appears to be quite shaky. The September 17 polls are the second snap legislative elections this year after Netanyahu failed to form the government back in April.

The outcome of the upcoming vote is hard to predict, as Netanyahu’s party, Likud, has almost equal support as their main opponent the Blue and White led by Benny Gantz, opinion polls show.

Netanyahu was quick to respond to Trump’s announcement, lauding the prospects of the alliance and managing to call the US president a “friend” twice in a single tweet.

Forging a proper US-Israel alliance won’t be that great a step, since the standing agreements already oblige Washington to protect Tel Aviv in case of a war, former Pentagon official Michael Maloof believes. Still, such a deal somewhat increases the chances of the US being “lured into a conflict we don’t want.”

“In one sense, it would commit the United States to Israel’s defense, even if Israel decides to attack, let’s say, for example, Iran, then we will be committed to back them up without any hesitation. Already we have what amounts to a defense arrangement,” Maloof told RT. “Even without a piece of paper, the United States would come to Israel’s assistance, if it was physically attacked en masse.”

What I’m concerned about is that with someone like Netanyahu it will actually commit us even more to going into a conflict that he may drag us into.

Trump’s decision to announce such plans just a few days before the Israeli elections is not a coincidence, Maloof noted, and it clearly shows that he tried “to send a message that he wants Netanyahu re-elected.”

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Israeli troops take part in a military training near Tubas town in the northern Jordan Valley on Feb. 6, 2019. © Nidal Eshtayeh/Xinhua/Global Look Press
‘Netanyahu’s Jordan Valley annexation pledge is PR stunt to deflect attention from corruption woes’

Relations between Washington and Tel Aviv have always been quite cozy – and got even closer under Trump – yet the two countries do not have a full-fledged military alliance. 

Israel was one of the first major non-Nato ally (MNNA), a designation that  goes with a whole set of benefits, such as generous loans, a priority in delivery of various military surplus, possession of war reserve stocks of Pentagon-owned hardware outside US military bases (Israel is said to have at least six sites) and others.

Yest in 2014 the US enshrined Israel into a new class of ally – a major strategic partner. The new designation, which is a step above MNNA, was basically established specifically for Israel. It greatly expanded the US wartime stockpiles in Israel from $200 million in value to a whopping $1.8 billion.

Under the Trump administration, the trend has continued, and in 2017, the US established its first permanent military base – an air defense facility – in Israel.

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© Reuters / Amir Cohen
Israel ‘preparing’ for military involvement if US-Iran tensions erupt into confrontation

If the mutual defense treaty between the two countries fleshes out, it would be the first such deal for Washington in decades. The US has standing agreements of such sort with Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and the Philippines. The latest one was signed with Japan in 1960, and since then the US has apparently opted for dragging countries into NATO instead of striking bilateral deals.

Another, quite antiquated, mutual protection agreement is the Rio Treaty signed by the US and the nations of Central and Southern Americas back in 1947. Several countries have withdrawn from it since then and the deal was breached several times. Still, US officials dusted off the deal earlier this year amid attempts to overthrow the Venezuelan government. The self-styled ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido and his rogue National Assembly “reinstated” Venezuela on the treaty which was denounced by legitimate Caracas authorities back in 2013.

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Wearing blackface regardless of time and context is definitely one of the deadly sins in cancel culture scripture. So should this politician slated for the EU Commission brace himself for a mob with virtual torches and pitchforks?

Didier Reynders was recently nominated EU Commissioner for Justice after a long and storied career in Belgium. Currently both the foreign affairs and defense minister under Belgian PM Charles Michel, Reynders has held a post in government continuously since 1998.

But he may prefer to forget one not so distant episode in his lengthy public service career now that he is going international. In 2015, the minister donned blackface paint for the annual gathering of a philanthropic group known as the “Noirauds” (“Blacks,” roughly), who help to raise funds for disadvantaged children. While few took issue with the group’s goals, the festive costumes of its members – tail coats, top hats, ruffled collars, and blackface – was another story.

The attire did draw some criticism when Reynders wore it. European media director for Human Rights Watch, Andrew Stroehlein, assailed Reynders for participating in the festival, calling it “shocking and embarrassing,” and mused whether Reynders ought to lose his post in government.

Wouter Van Bellingen, a Belgian politician who then headed up the country’s Minorities Forum, said the move was “inappropriate” and showed Reynders’ “total lack of empathy for people of color.”

The politician not only survived the controversy but was rewarded with the defense portfolio in December 2018, and now with the nomination for EU Justice Commissioner, in charge of the rule of law and consumer protection.

This was probably not that surprising. Europeans’ sensibilities about blackface are not as acute as those in America, and four years ago woke outrage wasn't the career killer it is now. Even now some of its victims sink like comedian and actress Sarah Silverman and some swim like Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

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Sarah Silverman in blackface
Previous blackface wearers were punished for racism, Silverman was punished for satire. That’s worse

The Noirauds themselves do not deny that the face paint is meant to mimic the appearance of Africans. A page on the group’s website states: “When we were founded in 1876, we [were] in the middle of a period of discovery of Africa,” adding that the costume “represents the African notables.”

European “discovery” of the continent certainly left not only traditions that didn’t age well, but plenty of misery and horrors. In particular, Belgian King Leopold II ruled Congo as a personal colony from 1885 to 1908, when it was transferred to state control after the scale of abuses and atrocities that happened there became known to the European public.

Recognizing the “spirit of the times,” and perhaps the widespread view that blackface minstrel shows are offensive or demeaning, the Noirauds decided earlier this year to change their get-up, opting to paint their faces the colors of the Belgian flag.

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Tan is the new ‘blackface’? Instagram up in arms over beauty blogger’s skin tone

While Reynders’ abundant experience in governing may qualify him for the EU Commission portfolio, it remains to be seen whether his nomination will be approved in the European Parliament. The position will certainly make his public profile transatlantic, so the minister’s contentious past might still trigger culture warriors across the pond and come back to bite him.

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A judge has ordered Julian Assange to remain in prison indefinitely while awaiting extradition to the US because of his “history of absconding.”

The WikiLeaks founder was due to be released on September 22 after serving his sentence for breaching bail conditions when he sought refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Assange spent almost seven years inside the embassy. 

On Friday the Westminster Magistrates’ Court claimed there were “substantial grounds” for believing he would flee if released from prison. District Judge Vanessa Baraitser said Assange’s lawyer had not made an application for bail on his behalf, adding “perhaps not surprisingly in light of your history of absconding in these proceedings.”

WikiLeaks and Assange’s mother Christine criticized the court proceedings, saying the judge had refused bail before the defense team had a chance to even request it.

The extradition hearing will start on February 25, 2020, after British Home Secretary Sajid Javid signed off on the extradition request in June. The Australian citizen is fighting extradition to the US where he faces prosecution for allegedly leaking government secrets. 

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‘The state Assange is in, it’s a wonder, don’t know how I would cope,’ Vivienne Westwood tells RT

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Massive brawls erupted inside a Hong Kong mall after anti-Beijing protesters came to confront government supporters who staged a demonstration there. Riot police were deployed to quell the fighting.

Intense fistfights broke out at the high-end Amoy Plaza mall in the busy Kowloon district of Hong Kong, China’s self-governing territory, on Saturday afternoon. Videos from the scene show the activists pulling and punching each other. Some clobbered their opponents with umbrellas and hurled objects at them.

A group of protesters were filmed chasing a man, before pinning him on the ground.

The confrontation started after hundreds of pro-Beijing activists gathered at the mall, waving China’s national flags and singing the country’s national anthem. A crowd of anti-government protesters later flocked to the mall to confront them, and the scuffles immediately broke out. 


Some reports say the fights started after a few people were accused of taking pictures of the protesters’ faces and filming them.

Riot police were deployed to quell the violence, and ambulance trucks arrived as well. At least ten people were said to been arrested at the mall. Officers were filmed escorting several handcuffed young men from the building. The crowds of anti-government protesters, meanwhile, remained outside, singing the famous protest song, ‘Glory to Hong Kong.’

The protests also continued in other parts of the city. Several bus routes were suspended after anti-government activists erected barricades across the streets.

Massive rallies in Hong Kong were initially sparked by the controversial extradition bill, which would have allowed criminal suspects to be handed over for trial in mainland China back in March. Activists and human rights campaigners argued that Beijing would exploit the legislation to persecute dissidents.

While some protests remained peaceful, others spiraled into rioting and violent clashes with police. The Hong Kong government suspended work on the extradition bill following the backlash, and later promised to withdraw it completely. 

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A news conference of Hong Kong039;s Chief Executive Carrie Lam is televised in Hong Kong, China, September 4, 2019 © Reuters / Kai Pfaffenbach
Hong Kong’s leader to withdraw extradition bill, but protesters demand more

The protesters, nevertheless, are refusing to back down until their other demands are fulfilled, such as amnesty for everyone detained in the clashes and an electoral reform. Weekly demonstrations have dealt a blow to Hong Kong’s economy.

The central government in Beijing and the Hong Kong authorities blasted the violence during the protests. China also warned foreign countries against inciting riots in the city, after several top politicians in the US and the EU openly backed the protesters.

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Hong Kong039;s pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong speaks to a reporter after a panel discussion on Anti-Extradition Law Movement in Hong Kong at Columbia University Law School in New York City, U.S., September 13, 2019. © REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton
Hong Kong protest leader calls on Trump to add ‘human rights clause’ to China trade talks

Pro-Beijing activists have become more visible in Hong Kong in recent weeks. They staged several demonstrations in malls, mimicking the tactics originally used by the anti-government protesters. Their rallies, however, received much less coverage in the Western mainstream media than the ones directed against mainland China.

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A £1 million golden toilet has been stolen from the birthplace of Winston Churchill. The dirty crime involved thieves ripping the 18-carat gold commode from its plumbing, causing flooding at the Oxfordshire palace.

Thames Valley Police arrested a 66-year-old man in connection with the theft after they received a report of a burglary at Blenheim Palace early Saturday morning.  

Thieves broke into the historical site and stole a “high value toilet made out of gold that was on display at the palace,” Detective Inspector Jess Milne said. 

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© Guggenheim
Toilet humor: Museum refuses White House request for Van Gogh, offers gold lavatory instead

“Due to the toilet being plumbed in to the building, this has caused significant damage and flooding.” 

The golden toilet was named ‘America’ and was part of a contemporary art exhibition at the palace. Created by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, it was plumbed into a wooden chamber opposite the room where former UK prime minister Churchill was born, and visitors were able to queue up to use it. 

The toilet has not been recovered, and police have issued an appeal for anyone who may have information to come forward. 

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The lionization of John Bolton as an unsung hero who got fired by Trump for not allowing the president to cozy up to dictators is an embarrassment for Democrats, former Senator Mike Gravel told RT.

Bolton, who lost his job as national security advisor in the Trump administration, was instantly embraced by a number of people in the Democratic Party camp. This happened for no apparent reason other than his being rabidly hostile to countries that his former boss says he wants to be friendly with, like Russia or North Korea.

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While these antiwar activists from CodePink did not appear saddened by Bolton039;s exit, some in the US establishment have been wringing their hands.
John Bolton, welcome to #Resistance? Media, Democrats lament Trump firing national security hawk

Mike Gravel, a former Democrat senator for Alaska and veteran anti-war champion, said this position is “worse than embarrassment” for the Democrats, because “Bolton was probably the most significant warmonger in recent history.”


“Now that he is fired, it’s going to limit the possibility of Donald Trump setting off a war by accident,” Gravel told RT’s Going Underground.

[Trump] is not a warmonger. He has got many problems, but that is not one of them.

Gravel lamented the situation in which the leadership of both major parties in the US have virtually identical stances on war and foreign policy in general.

“The only chance for us to have a decent foreign policy is for Bernie Sanders to be elected and Tulsi Gabbard to be selected as his vice president. Then we will be guaranteed to reverse the course of our desire to be an empire,” he said.

Gravel dropped out of the Democratic primary race earlier this year. His campaign was not designed to win the nomination but to raise public awareness about the policies he supports by qualifying for the debates. After he dropped out, he endorsed Sanders and recommended he pick Gabbard – who is running on a rare anti-war platform, not unlike Gravel’s own – as his running mate.

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US President Donald Trump has confirmed that the son of Osama Bin Laden, Hamza, was killed in a US “counterterrorism operation.” The death of Bin Laden’s possible successor was reported earlier this year.

“Hamza Bin Laden, the high-ranking Al-Qaeda member and son of Osama Bin Laden, was killed in a United States counterterrorism operation in the Afghanistan/Pakistan region,” said a statement from Trump's office sent to journalists on Saturday.

The death of Hamza has deprived Al-Qaeda of his “important leadership skills and the symbolic connection to his father.” Within Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden’s son was “responsible for planning and dealing with various terrorist groups,” it added.

Hamza Bin Laden's death in an airstrike was first reported late in July. Back then, Trump said that the man was “very threatening” to the US, but declined to provide any further details. With the official confirmation of Hamza’s death, however, it still remains unclear when – and where – the US operation took place exactly.

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Osama bin Laden's son and heir Hamza bin Laden is dead – report

Hamza made his last known public statement through an Al-Qaeda propaganda mouthpiece in 2018, threatening Saudi Arabia with terrorist attacks and calling for the Saudi monarchy to be overthrown. Son of the 9/11 attacks mastermind, born around 1989 in Jeddah, has long been wanted by the FBI, which offered up to $1 million for information on his whereabouts.

According to media reports, Hamza was born to the daughter of another senior Al-Qaeda member, Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, known under his alias Abu Muhammad al Masri. The man is wanted for his alleged role in the 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.

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Tehran has signed a $440 million contract with a local company to develop the Belal gas field Iran shares with Qatar. The country's oil minister has celebrated the deal as a sign that no US sanctions can stop Iran's oil industry.

The contract was signed between Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), a subsidiary of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), and local development company Petropars.According to Iran’s Shana news agency, POGC will serve as the employer of the contract, making reservoir studies and performing sideline licensing for the purposes of the project. Petropars, in turn, is to drill eight wells in the offshore oil field, build and install a gas production topside and construct a 20 kilometers (12 miles) seabed pipeline.

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Donald Trump and Hassan Rouhani © Reuters / Leah Millis and Morteza Nikoubazl
Iran thaw coming? After firing chief hawk, Trump hints at lifting sanctions on Tehran

Under the contract, in 34 months the oil field is to produce 500 million cubic feet (the equivalent of 14 million cubic meters) of rich gas a day. The produced gas is to be processed at the onshore refinery of South Pars Phase 12.

The Belal gas field is located in the Persian Gulf east of South Pars, some 90 kilometers (56 miles) southwest of Lavan Island.

This contract and other upcoming contracts show that we are working under the sanctions. From now on, we plan to sign one contract and set in motion one development plan every two weeks and we will show that the development of the country’s oil industry has not stopped [and] we are active,” Iran’s Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh said at the contract signing ceremony on Saturday, emphasizing that the country's energy sector is alive and kicking despite US sanctions.

We showed that US cannot bring our exports to zero. We will not announce our measures regarding oil exports since they will make enemies more vigilant,” he added. The minister predicted Iran’s petrochemical production to hit above 100 million tons in the near future. 

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A crew member raises the Iranian flag on Iranian oil tanker Adrian Darya 1, previously named Grace 1, in the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain. File photo.
‘Piracy, bribery & blackmail’: Iran slams US sanctions as economic terrorism against civilians

US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), in May 2018, and then restored crippling economic sanctions on Tehran, targeting mostly the oil industry, vital for Iran’s economy, in what it dubbed a “maximum pressure campaign” to force Tehran to curb its missile and nuclear programs.

Relations between Washington and Tehran have since deteriorated, with the sanctions accompanied by a military buildup in the Persian Gulf. On June 7, Washington imposed yet another set of sanctions on Iran’s largest petrochemical holding, Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries, as well as more than 30 of its subsidiaries and branches. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the US “intends to strip away the key elements of the Iranian petrochemical sector.”

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The UFC octagon arrives in Canada for UFC Vancouver, with a main event that would grace any pay-per-view main card slot anywhere in the world, plus a host of rising stars looking to make an impact on Canadian soil.

Here are our four key bouts to keep tabs on during another packed night of fights on Saturday night:


The most obvious selection in our list, when you consider the bodies of work both men have compiled already in their respective MMA careers, this five-round main event clash simply screams "entertainment".

Cerrone is a record-breaker, a record-setter and one of the most beloved stars of the UFC, but the one thing missing from his resumé is a UFC championship belt. And if he wants any chance of getting one in the veteran stage of his career, he simply has to win on Saturday night against Gaethje, who has similar career aims of his own.


While Cerrone's longevity and ability to keep winning inside the octagon is his calling card, Gaethje's can be summed up in one word, violence. The former World Series of Fighting lightweight champion joined the UFC and has delivered some of the most thrilling contests of the last 10 years. His come-forward, devil-may-care fighting style hasn't always been a successful one against the UFC's top 155-pounders, but his top-level wrestling ability, coupled with his devastating leg kicks and murderous punch power, has made him one of the toughest assignments for anyone in the UFC's lightweight division.


Some say that combination makes Gaethje the most dangerous potential challenger to current UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, while the thought of Cerrone finally getting a shot at the lightweight belt would produce one of the feelgood stories in recent MMA history.

Whether either man could defeat Khabib, however, is a matter for another day. What happens this weekend is crucial to their chances of making it happen.

The UFC are also looking for an opponent for Conor McGregor's long-awaited UFC return, too...


Brazilian veteran Teixeira just keeps on going in the UFC's 205-pound light heavyweight division. While some counted him out after being viciously knocked out by Anthony "Rumble" Johnson back in 2016, Teixeira has rebuilt his career and remains one of the UFC's top light heavyweight stars.


Standing in his way this weekend is a supremely-talented Ukrainian who hasn't yet fulfilled his immense promise in the UFC. Krylov's stock-in-trade is finishes – he's never been to the scorecards in his entire mixed martial arts career.

There's a fair chance we won't need the judges for this one, either. Teixeira has heavy hands and slick submissions, while Krylov knows another stoppage victory will push him right into the thick of it at the top of the UFC's 205-pound division.


Brazilian wild man Michel Pereira exploded into the UFC with a stunning finish of British star Danny Roberts to confirm his arrival as a spectacular threat at 170 pounds. The Brazilian missed weight on Friday's weigh-ins, but his fight with Connelly still goes ahead, with 20% of the Brazilian's fight purse going to the newcomer.

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Human highlight reel: Spectacular Michel Pereira set to wow the fans at UFC Vancouver (VIDEO)

Vancouver's own Connelly has lost just once in his last nine outings and is riding a four-fight win streak. But stepping up to make your UFC debut is always a daunting affair, especially on the main card in your home town. Will the man known as "Boondock" sink or swim on fight night, or will he become another name on "Demolidor's" highlight reel?


Canada-based Latvian Misha Cirkunov has wowed fans with his grappling skills since joining the UFC's light heavyweight division. But he has fallen short of earning himself a shot at the title as he's succumbed to power-punching contenders on two separate occasions.

That fact will be music to the ears of Australian Jimmy Crute, who graduated to the UFC roster after impressing UFC president Dana White during last year's Contender Series. Since then, he's claimed back-to-back stoppage victories to establish himself as a dangerous prosect at 205 pounds. Now he gets to face a legitimate contender.


If Crute can use his heavy-handed striking skills to good effect once again, Australia could soon find themselves with another top-level UFC star to root for on the biggest stage.


European airports were in chaos on Saturday as Ryanair grounded planes due to a “systems failure” that left passengers stranded and stressed out.

Passengers reported being unable to check-in for flights online after a systems failure occurred overnight, affecting major airports across Europe. Ryanair says the system has since been restored, but irate travelers are still reporting issues on social media. 

There are reports of long queues to check in luggage at airports, and passengers are saying that they were forced to pay Ryanair’s airport check-in fee of £55 ($68) because they were unable to do so in advance on the app. Angry customers are also reporting that some flights departed without all passengers onboard, and that flight confirmations had simply vanished from the app. 

One plane was delayed on the tarmac for 90 minutes and passengers were told it was due to a “country-wide systems failure.” 

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Boeing better ‘get their s**t together,’ Ryanair boss says as 737 MAX delays drag on

“This morning we suffered a system outage which caused some short delays at airport check-in and boarding,” Ryanair said. “The system has been restored and flights are operating as normal. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.” 

The Ryanair issues come just days after a British Airways staff strike saw thousands of the airline’s passengers affected by canceled flights.

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FILE PHOTO: A British Airways Airbus A320 aircraft sits on the tarmac at Heathrow Airport © Reuters / Henry Nicholls/ File Photo
Brexit сhaos not enough? British Airways roasted as pilots’ strike ruins 100,000 trips worldwide

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Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron has admitted being “off his head” on drugs while studying at the prestigious Eton College, prompting social media users to ask if that’s why he thought the Brexit referendum was a good idea.

Cameron revealed his drug-taking pastimes in the poshest way possible: By explaining in his soon-to-be released memoir that he and two school friends would hire a rowing boat to go to a small island on the River Thames, where they would then proceed to “roll up” and “spend a summer’s afternoon getting gently off our heads.” 

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File photo of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, left, and Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar © Lorraine O039;SULLIVAN / AFP
Gap between UK and EU on Brexit ‘very wide,’ says Irish PM Varadkar

In an extract published in The Times, Cameron revealed that he was eventually caught, and described being summoned to the headmaster’s office as “the worst moment of my life” at the time. Despite seven other boys being expelled for buying the drugs, young Cameron was merely fined, grounded, and stripped of privileges.

It didn’t take long for social media to become awash in Brexit analogies as Twitter users claimed the drugs anecdote helped them to finally understand Cameron’s rationale for holding a referendum on the UK’s EU membership, spawning the entire Brexit fiasco that followed and that still plagues his successors.

Smoking dope in school or college is certainly not an avant-garde experience – a point made by critics who took to Twitter to accuse the politician of trying to appear more relatable. Others pointed out his hypocrisy in having used drugs recreationally, but standing over hardline anti-drugs policies.

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Britain’s Tory party is heading for extinction

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Controversial New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown WILL be available to suit up and make his debut on Sunday when the Pats travel south to play the struggling Miami Dolphins, according to reports.

Brown's controversial summer continued this week when he was named as the subject of a civil lawsuit accusing the former Pittsburgh Steelers star of rape and sexual assault.

USA Today reported that the lawsuit gave the NFL a moment's pause as they considered Brown to be placed on the Commissioner's Exempt List, which would have made him unavailable to play until his removal from the list.

But NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has opted not to place Brown on the list, meaning the receiver is available to Bill Belichick's offense this weekend in Florida.

However, it is not clear whether Brown will actually feature, with multiple reports Stateside indicating that the Patriots were not aware of the lawsuit prior to signing him to a one-year, $15 million deal following his release after a turbulent off-season stint with the Oakland Raiders.

Brown previously left the Steelers after a string of internal issues and had a disastrous spell at Oakland, where a cryotherapy mishap left him with severely blistered feet, then a refusal to change his helmet to fulfill NFL safety regulations led to him to threaten not to play at all.

A training-field bust-up with Raiders GM Mike Mayock proved to be the last straw in Oakland, as Brown was fined for conduct detrimental to the team, voiding nearly $30 million of contractually guaranteed money. Brown then demanded his release, which the Raiders granted, and the Super Bowl champion Patriots swooped within hours to add him to their lineup.

Now it remains to be seen whether the Patriots can move past Brown's latest issues and get him onto the field. There is likely to be little rush from the Patriots side – the team thrashed Brown's old Steelers side 33-3 in Week 1 and face a Dolphins team who were hammered 59-10 by the Baltimore Ravels last weekend.


Scientists have stumbled across the blackest material ever seen, which absorbs 99.995 percent of light and makes the previously known blackest black pale in comparison.

The ultra-black material is made from vertically aligned microscopic carbon strings called carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Researchers have no idea why it is so dark, but they are excited about its potential. 

Before now, the blackest known material was Vantablack, which absorbs 99.96 percent of light, meaning the new, unnamed material “reflected 10 times less light than all other superblack materials, including Vantablack,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) explains

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Blacker than black: Darkest building in the world unveiled in S. Korea

The dark discovery was made when MIT engineers were looking for ways to grow CNTs on electrically conductive materials. They noticed how black the CNTs were when they were growing on aluminium foil and decided to measure their “optical reflectance,” and soon found that the material soaked up almost all light directed at it. 

The amazing new material could be used in telescopes and cameras to remove glare, and there has already been interest from the aerospace community. Nobel laureate astrophysicist John Mather is considering using it to make a massive black shade to shield a space telescope. 

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Paint it black hole: World’s darkest material now available as spray paint

The dark matter is currently being shown as part of an art exhibition in New York. MIT artist-in-residence Diemut Strebe worked with the researchers to coat a $2 million 16.78-carat natural yellow diamond in the black material, turning the sparkling stone utterly black. 

“Because of the extremely high light absorptive qualities of the CNTs, any object, in this case a large diamond coated with CNTs, becomes a kind of black hole absent of shadows,” Strebe said.

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Modern-day protest movements, from Occupy Wall Street to France’s Yellow Vests, are interconnected globally and based on the people’s ire over trickle-down economics, independent journalist Paul Moreira tells RT.

From Occupy Wall Street to rallies in Paris, the protest movements worldwide are interconnected. They’re connected because they come at a historical moment of truth giving birth to super-polarized societies [for which] trickle-down economics doesn’t work and everybody is opening their eyes about that worldwide,” Moreira told RT’s Keiser Report. Trickle-down economists claim that tax breaks and benefits for corporations are good for the economy in the long run, as investors, savers, and company owners are the true drivers of growth.


The independent journalist, who’s been in the midst of the Yellow Vest protests in France since day one, claims that what started as a protest over gasoline prices eventually grew into a movement of people demanding – perhaps not entirely consciously – a major change in the way France’s economy is run.

“They were rebelling against the price of the gasoline – it was the starting point. And then it built up on inequality,” he said, adding that behind the “spectacular frontline” where people clashed with police, there were “clusters of people talking mostly about tax inequality.” And this “free talk” means there’s greater public discontent brewing.

People talking is always the sign of genuine insurgency movements. In the midst of the protest it felt like the French revolution must have been like this. I don’t know if it’s conscious in the people’s heads. There is this mix of politics, vulgarity, anger, something that is not controllable and it could go either way,” he said.

Given the extent of the public anger, Moreira believes the measures the French government has taken to calm the protests will not be enough in the long run, and the entire economic system must undergo drastic changes.
Macron introduced a $25-billion stimulus recently. They got some more money but… the structural problems remain. You can’t change the life of people stuck in a faraway region with a €100 bonus,” he said.

“Something has changed forever in the minds of the French people.”

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Shocked relatives discovered that a deceased US abortion doctor kept thousands of fetal parts at his house. His license had been suspended for breaking procedural regulations.

Dr. Ulrich Klopfer stored 2,246 “medically preserved fetal remains” at his home in Will County, Illinois, the country sheriff’s office said on Friday. The physician passed away last week. His relatives were going through his belongings when they made the shocking discovery. They quickly notified the authorities about the fetus parts, which were then confiscated by police.

Klopfer ran three abortion clinics in Indiana – in Fort Wayne, Gary, and South Bend. The state’s medical licensing board suspended the doctor’s license indefinitely in 2016, after finding that he violated the law by failing to provide qualified personnel to monitor his patients during abortions. Klopfer was also fined $3,000 and required to undergo special training.

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© REUTERS/Brian Snyder/File Photo
Sanders wants to fund abortions in ‘poor countries’ to fight climate change

It is unclear why the doctor kept parts of fetuses at his home, but police say there is “no evidence” that he performed abortions there.

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OPEC and its partners will not deepen their oil production cut yet but will discuss the topic again in December.

This is what Saudi Arabia’s newly appointed Energy Minister Abdulaziz bin Salman told media after this week’s meeting of the Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee. A discussion, however, may not be enough. OPEC may be forced to decide to cut deeper to prevent a major slump in prices.

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The Rosneft logo on a safety helmet. File photo
Russia braces for possible US sanctions against its oil major Rosneft

When OPEC agreed to cut 1.2 million bpd from the global market in December last year, benchmark prices reacted without much enthusiasm. In hindsight, this was a harbinger of tough times. Although prices rallied in the beginning of the second quarter of the year with Brent topping $70 a barrel, the rally was brief and correction followed soon enough.

OPEC has been overcomplying with its production quotas. US sanctions against Venezuela and, to a lesser extent Iran, have helped this. And yet, prices have failed to rise again and stay higher. Brent has been hovering around $60 (€54) a barrel and WTI has been rangebound between $50 (€45) and $58 (€53). And now, prices are due to fall even further if demand forecasts from some of the world’s top energy agencies are correct.

Bloomberg’s Julian Lee warned this week even tougher times were ahead for the oil-producing cartel and its partners next year as oil demand slowed down, according to the Energy Information Administration and OPEC itself.

Indeed, in its latest Short-Term Energy Outlook, the EIA forecast global demand for liquid fuels would rise by 900,000 bpd on average for full-2019. That’s down from an earlier forecast of a demand growth rate of 1.3 million bpd.

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Iranian oil tanker 039;Adrian Darya 1039;, previously named 039;Grace 1039;, sits anchored in the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain, August 18, 2019. © Reuters / Jon Nazca
Iran’s envoy says tanker oil sold at sea to private company, owner ‘sets destination’

The international Energy Agency, for its part, forecast average demand growth this year would be 1.1 million bpd, unchanged from its earlier monthly estimate, and in 2020, it would accelerate to 1.3 million bpd.

OPEC, interestingly, is the most pessimistic about demand. For this year, the group expects this at 1.02 million bpd, with a slight improvement to 1.08 million bpd next year.

Slow demand growth is bad enough when you sacrifice market share growth for higher prices. Yet coupled with rising production from places you cannot control, the news becomes really bad.

Besides the obvious wrench in OPEC’s works, US shale, production growth is imminent in Norway and Brazil as well. In the US, OPEC expects production to grow by 1.8 million bpd this year, which is substantially higher than the EIA’s forecast for domestic production growth, at 1.2 million bpd. The IEA, for its part, sees the US and Norway boosting production by a combined 1 million bpd in the second half of this year, with Brazil adding another 130,000 bpd.

To add insult to injury, more of the additional U.S. oil being pumped in the shale patch is going to reach international markets as some 2 million bpd of new pipeline capacity enters into operation.

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FILE PHOTO © Global Look Press / Friso Gentsch
US oil market suffering as the trade war escalates

Against this backdrop, OPEC’s limited options become clear. The cartel has two choices, and nobody is talking about the second one: a repeat of the pump-them-to-death approach that brought on the 2014 price collapse. The reason nobody is talking about it is that OPEC members lack sufficient financial buffers to withstand another price collapse unscathed. This leaves them with one choice: cut production more.

Yet there is a problem with this, too. Russia has repeatedly signaled it is not too fond of more cuts. Moscow has been consistent in its general support for supply controls but reluctant to comply fully with these controls not least because it can do just fine with lower oil. The Russian central bank recently said it had stipulated a price of $25 per barrel of crude in a risk scenario for next year. That’s some pretty nutritious food for thought for Russia’s partners in the cuts.

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